Close to the Sun Productions offers videography and editing services to Vancouver Island, Greater Vancouver and beyond. With flexible sliding scales of production based on individual budgets, we will work with you to develop a project that meets your needs.

We deliver stunning and effective media for web, television and film.

Jules Molloy
Founder & Owner


Jules’ professional debut in to the film world came in 1999, when Jules co-wrote/developed/produced/animated a PSA called ‘Frog’, which garnered awards at several media festivals across Canada and the United States.

Since then, he has written and directed PSA’s for several government agencies, worked as a Producer’s Assistant for Legacy Films at Lionsgate Studios in Vancouver and taught as a Mentor at the Gulf Islands Film and Television School, where he also scored over a hundred short films between 2002-2004.

His music can be heard in dozens of other independent films, television shows and even plays from 2000 onward. In more recent years, he has scored films such as: “Take My Advice; I Can’t”, “Life Renewed: The Great Night of Shiva” and Jeremy Koreski’s “Shrink”.

From 2009 to 2012 Jules worked as a Creative Director in the Gastown district of Vancouver, working with a small start-up company called MediaSphere. Jules created and managed digital media campaigns with high quality web and video content for clients ranging from young start-ups to well-established corporate clients and Canadian television broadcasters.

Skid Road, a transmedia concept conceived of and co-developed by Jules was awarded the 2011 Merging Media award for most innovative transmedia concept of the year.

Jules has worked in capacities such as (but not limited to):
camera operator, director, producer, DOP, editor, writer, composer and/or creative director
for and in association with:
CBC, OWN, APTN, TED, Amnesty International, G.I.F.T.S., Gabriola Arts Council, R.P.S. Media, Gumboot Productions, Mix3 Productions and many more.